Insurance For
Professional Sports People, Teams & Clubs

Financial protection against the accidental and early end to a lucrative career

Our team of specialists can help you properly manage your insurance requirements and ensure that you get the right level of cover to keep you compliant and ahead of the competition.

As an individual, a team or a club, you require the right cover for your situation. From personal accident to public liability, the number of insurances available can sometimes be complex.

Throughout our careers we have assisted in arranging accurate insurance cover for a wide range of sporting individuals and groups, making us familiar with the risks you face as professionals.

Sports teams also have a wide range of insurable interests. We recognise your exposures in the UK, Europe and Worldwide and understand the issues faced for all parties involved, from you as a player, a team, an agent or a sponsor.

Our role is to give advice to businesses as well as Athletes who need financial protection against the accidental and early end to a lucrative career. Often these insurances are procured as a group, thereby securing better value for money. Access to the specialist Lloyd’s insurance market gives us the widest variety of insurance options for most risks. In addition, through our High Net Worth division, we can manage the insurance of both the team’s and the players’ other assets enabling us to provide you with an insurance package which is as comprehensive as possible.

Cover Types

Your insurance requirements may include:

  • Personal Accident – Career Ending Insurance
  • Event Liability
  • Employers and Public Liability
  • Cancellation and Abandonment / Non-Appearance
  • Contractual Bonus
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Material Damage – Buildings / Business Interruption / Contents
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Household & Motor Insurance

Whilst we can ensure you’re covered for almost all situations, if there’s a risk unique to you, please contact us and we will try to devise an individual policy to meet your needs.

Contact Us

If you require additional information or assistance, please contact one of our professional sport insurance specialists.

Will Gandy
Principal – International Sport
Tim Marshall
Head of Sport - Manchester
Arthur Fane
Account Executive