Insurance For
Event Organisers & Promoters

From large multi-sport games to single day sports events and everything in between

Our company has built a reputation for excellence over many years in this sector and we are one of the largest brokers of contingency insurance.

Our knowledge of all aspects of the business of sport enables us to give the best advice on the importance of protecting the costs and/or revenues of each commercial entity involved in it; as without it the viable future of that entity could be at risk.

Cover Types for Events

We advise Event Organisers to consider the following types of protection:

  • Cancellation and Abandonment / Non-Appearance
  • Event Liability
  • Employers and Public Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Risk Management
  • Cyber
  • Motor

Whilst we can ensure you’re covered for almost all situations, if there’s a risk unique to you, please contact us and we will try to devise an individual policy to meet your needs.

Risk Management

We have acted as Risk Managers at a number of international tournaments. An overview of the Risks which we can assist in managing are: legal and contractual risks, physical risks, moral/ethical risks and financial risks. We operate in conjunction with the Event Organiser to structure a system to train, unify and control the identifiable areas exposed to risk and to the efficient management of any subsequent claims.

Contact Us

If you require additional information or assistance, please contact one of our event insurance specialists.

Will Gandy
Principal – International Sport
Tim Marshall
Head of Sport - Manchester
Arthur Fane
Account Executive