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Who we cover Sport Insurance Specialists From professional athletes to agents, stadiums and beyond, we have you covered

Who we cover

Clubs & Teams

We arrange insurance cover for a wide range of sports clubs & teams, making us familiar with the risks you face as professionals.

Event Organisers & Promoters

From large multi-sport games to single day sports events and everything in between.

Governing Bodies & Sports Associations

Our experience ranges from dealing with grass roots development in large participation sports, to handling the elite end of the sporting industry.

Professional Sports People

We provide financial protection against the accidental and early end to a lucrative career.

Sports Management, Commercial Organisers & Ticketing Agencies

From sponsors of sports events to league organisations.

Venue Owners

We find you the right blend of insurance to deal with the unique set of exposures associated with sporting venues.

World class Sport Insurance

Any time, any place

We have broad experience in dealing with all aspects of Sport Insurance. From providing insurance and risk management at International multi-sport events to single day events, working with Olympians and international teams to local sporting clubs, we boast a great deal of knowledge in producing tailor-made packages for each company, event and individual.

High Profile Clients

We offer a first-class innovative approach to servicing our clients’ needs which is further endorsed by the number of high profile clients and events that we look after.

Available Around the Clock

We do not operate on a 9-5 basis because we understand that the business of sport does not work within standard office hours. We are available to our clients any time, any day and will be on-site post-incident with our claims and catastrophe management teams should a disaster happen to help with the management, claims administration and perceptions surrounding a major incident.

Our Policies

We provide coverage solutions across many different areas of risk tailored to each individual client. No matter what your need, our team can search out the best and most comprehensive package so you don’t have to.

These are just some of the policy areas that we provide for:

A Cancellation/Non-Appearance insurance policy indemnifies the Assured against financial loss should an event be cancelled, abandoned, curtailed or interrupted. It can also cover additional costs in the event of postponement or relocation if either is possible.

Policy covers the following Perils subject to the policy terms and conditions:

  • Death, Accident and illness of Insured Persons
  • Unavoidable Travel Delay
  • Venue Damage
  • Adverse Weather

Separate cover is also available for threat or act of Terrorism including war and/or civil war

Terrorism insurance covers eventualities such as the Cancellation, Abandonment or Postponement of a show due to an Act (or Threat) of Terrorism such as those carried out for political or ideological purposes – this would also extend to include a show being cancelled due to a weapon being used or brandished.

In addition, we can offer the following extensions:

  • Fear of an impending act of Terrorism at the venue on the day of show
  • Strikes, Riots, Civil commotion and War
  • Confiscation: Loss of fee or revenue arising out of confiscation or expropriation resulting in a cancellation
  • Public Sentiment: the event being against public opinion or damaging to the reputation of the policyholder if held in the wake of an act of terrorism
  • Sanctions: Cancellations arising due to an entity other than the policyholder becoming the subject of Sanctions

This policy indemnifies you in the same way as with Employers Liability, except that the case involves a Third Party rather than an Employee (and PL insurance, whilst commercially necessary and often required by contract, is not a legal requirement in most countries).

The definition of an employee has been challenged many times over the years but for your purposes we would propose to treat anybody (at all) who is not a permanent employee as a third party. The Products element is added as a claim arising due to a product can be pursued against the party responsible for its presence at a location, not necessarily its manufacturer. The only distinction is that with products the indemnity limit(s) are in the aggregate over the policy period rather than per occurrence.

This policy indemnifies you in respect of damages awarded plus costs of defending a lawsuit arising due an employee being injured or suffering loss or damage to their property in circumstances for which you are held to be legally liable. Normally, although not necessarily, negligence has to be proven against you.

Management Liability indemnifies the Directors and Officers, or an organisation itself, against losses as a result of legal action brought for alleged wrongful acts of an organisation’s Directors and Officers. Our coverage is intended to protect the assets of the covered individuals and organisations, as well as defence costs arising out of criminal and/or civil actions.

Owned property, or property you are legally responsible for, whether located permanently within office premises or a warehouse/other place of storage, should be covered by an annual policy.

‘On-site’ property (for events etc.), which may be owned but is usually hired, can be covered for replacement cost (or in the case of hired equipment as may be demanded by a supplier) should it be lost or damaged in fortuitous circumstances. Such ‘property’ might include hospitality units, mobile offices or toilets, signage, generators, scoreboards, furniture, office equipment, radios and TV units, trophies and various other items.

This policy enables you to offer your staff some cover as individuals. A Group Personal Accident policy offers Capital and Weekly benefits for Accidental Death/Permanent Disability and Temporary Disability respectively. A Travel policy (which can be purchased in isolation) increases these benefits if such accident occurs whilst the individual is travelling on Company business, plus coincidental holidays, and also provides additional protection in respect of medical treatment, repatriation, loss of baggage, money and credit cards, wasted travel costs, kidnap or hijack, personal liability and the like.

Covers the cost of defending legal action taken against your business if you are alleged to have provided inadequate advice, services or designs that cause financial loss to a client, as well as any damages and costs awarded by the courts.

In a world where most businesses rely on IT infrastructure for day to day operation, Cyber insurance is vital to help protect your business against the threats and exposures not covered under standard insurance policies. Mitigating the direct losses your business could suffer from cybercrime or system interruption, as well as coverage against the legal and reputational damage a data breach or hack may cause makes Cyber coverage a must for any modern business.

We can provide all risks of physical loss or damage cover to your equipment anywhere in the world including whilst in storage or in transit

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Will Gandy
Principal – International Sport
Tim Marshall
Head of Sport - Manchester
Arthur Fane
Account Executive
Chris Jones
Risk Manager and Sport Broker
Nick Bitel
Chief Executive at London Marathon Events Ltd

As organisers of one of the world’s largest mass participation events we need an insurance broker who understands us and our events and is able to offer knowledgeable and cost-effective solutions to meet the challenges that we face. We are delighted to have worked with the team at Integro for over 17 years during which time they have consistently delivered a first class service.

Elizabeth Inman
Event Director

Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials is a major international televised sporting event and listed in the top ten best attended sports events in the UK. It is key to have the very best advice, information and insurance cover and this has been provided by James Davies for over a decade, first with Longreach and now with the global insurance broker Integro. Their expertise and specialist knowledge provides us with the security and peace of mind we need. We appreciate Integro’s understanding of the unique nature of our event and the high level of service they provide.