Freelancer Insurance

From rigging to lighting technicians and more

Being a freelancer in the event industry means a hectic work schedule and you may not realise the importance of protecting yourself and those around you should anything go wrong.

We provide insurance for a wide range of professions within the entertainment industry. Whether you are a Rigger, Lighting technician, sound engineer or other related trade, we have policies to suit you. We know that it is vital to protect yourself against major risks such as causing injury or damage, large medical bills abroad for emergency treatment and travel cancellation fees if you have to cannot travel due to illness.

Cover Types for Freelancers

We can offer comprehensive and cost-effective policies including:

  • Public Liability insurance
  • Annual Business Travel insurance
  • Personal Accident insurance (loss of income if you have an accident)
  • Equipment insurance (Tools, Laptops etc.)

Whilst we can ensure you’re covered for almost all situations, if there’s a risk unique to you, please contact us and we will try to devise an individual policy to meet your needs.

Contact Us

If you require additional information or assistance, please contact one of our freelancer insurance specialists.

David Bailey
Account Executive