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What we cover

Feature Film & TV Production

Pre-production planning and script meetings through to post production and distribution.

Audio Visual, Production, Rental, Installation & Supply

From rental insurance to cover for the Sound and Light industry.

Events & Conferences

As organisers of Events and Conferences there are many eventualities that could occur causing interruption, abandonment, postponement or cancellation.


Our Freelancer Insurance picks up technical equipment and Public / Employers liability covers for many freelancer trades.

Media Trade Associations

We are the approved insurance brokers for some of the leading trade bodies in the media sector.

Outside Broadcasts

From loss of use of equipment to outcast broadcast vehicles, we tailor Outside Broadcast Insurance policies to protect both your assets and income.

Post Production & VFX Companies

We are proud to insure some of the post sector’s leading creative facilities, many of whom have worked on high-profile features.

Radio Production

Insurance for all radio broadcasts, so your production teams can benefit from continuity of cover and service.

Leaders in Media, Film & TV

As one of the UK’s leading media, film and television insurance brokers, Integro offers specialist media insurance services. From production companies to post production and digital media companies, we have all areas of the industry covered.

A Wealth of Experience

Because our team has years of experience in dealing with businesses and individuals in the media industry, we understand very well the particular pressures under which you operate, and time constraints placed upon you.

We Understand Your Risks

Our unique media insurance experience means that we know the risks to look out for: the points to remember when you’re on location abroad, what to do when an exhibition site is flooded, or when your grip breaks an arm half way through filming.

Timely Advice

We are set up to respond quickly to your needs – we understand the devastating effect of production delays which is why, we have experienced staff and systems in place to ensure we meet your deadlines.

Bespoke Cover

Our approach is to structure media insurance programmes that reflect the needs of the company, individuals or project. Our aim is always to provide the broadest protection, at the most competitive premium, backed up by excellent levels of service and claims handling with dedicated staff and specialist loss adjustors.

Our Policies

We provide coverage solutions across many different areas of risk tailored to each individual client. No matter what your need, our team can search out the best and most comprehensive package so you don’t have to.

These are just some of the policy areas that we provide for:

This policy indemnifies the insured against financial loss (usually by way of refund of sponsorship money) should the scheduled TV broadcast air-time be reduced in whole or part. This compliments the contingency policy but does not overlap in that it only covers a TV-related problem, not reduction in transmission brought about by a suspension in play. Please note that most insurers only offer this cover in conjunction with Contingency, not on its own.

What is covered
Dependant on the scope of transmission and the insured’s risk, but the following can be covered:

  • Loss of signal at venue
  • Up-link failure
  • Inability to make available an acceptable feed to overseas channels (including down-link)
  • Pre-emption

The risk is higher with terrestrial broadcasts, where air-time can reduced by strike action on the part of technicians (the BBC strike in 1989 significantly reduced coverage of the PGA Golf Championships and World Snooker Championships) or pre-empted by the sudden occurrence of a major event (such as a royal death), but in most cases satellite transmission and involvement of specialist networks limit the risks to those of a technical nature.

Information needed to quote

  1. Limit (or sub-limit) required.
  2. Broadcast schedule *
  3. Basis of cover required, noting perils that can be covered above.

*  This concerns not only airtime as scheduled by the host broadcasters, but also as provided to overseas networks.

This insurance is most effectively (and with some insurers can only be) placed in conjunction with Contingency. It should be arranged in isolation only in exceptional/large cases.

Terrorism insurance covers eventualities such as the Cancellation, Abandonment or Postponement of a show due to an Act (or Threat) of Terrorism such as those carried out for political or ideological purposes – this would also extend to include a show being cancelled due to a weapon being used or brandished.

In addition, we can offer the following extensions:

  • Fear of an impending act of Terrorism at the venue on the day of show
  • Strikes, Riots, Civil commotion and War
  • Confiscation: Loss of fee or revenue arising out of confiscation or expropriation resulting in a cancellation
  • Public Sentiment: the event being against public opinion or damaging to the reputation of the policyholder if held in the wake of an act of terrorism
  • Sanctions: Cancellations arising due to an entity other than the policyholder becoming the subject of Sanctions

This policy indemnifies you in the same way as with Employers Liability, except that the case involves a Third Party rather than an Employee (and PL insurance, whilst commercially necessary and often required by contract, is not a legal requirement in most countries).

The definition of an employee has been challenged many times over the years but for your purposes we would propose to treat anybody (at all) who is not a permanent employee as a third party. The Products element is added as a claim arising due to a product can be pursued against the party responsible for its presence at a location, not necessarily its manufacturer. The only distinction is that with products the indemnity limit(s) are in the aggregate over the policy period rather than per occurrence.

This policy indemnifies you in respect of damages awarded plus costs of defending a lawsuit arising due an employee being injured or suffering loss or damage to their property in circumstances for which you are held to be legally liable. Normally, although not necessarily, negligence has to be proven against you.

Management Liability indemnifies the Directors and Officers, or an organisation itself, against losses as a result of legal action brought for alleged wrongful acts of an organisation’s Directors and Officers. Our coverage is intended to protect the assets of the covered individuals and organisations, as well as defence costs arising out of criminal and/or civil actions.

Owned property, or property you are legally responsible for, whether located permanently within office premises or a warehouse/other place of storage, should be covered by an annual policy.

‘On-site’ property (for events etc.), which may be owned but is usually hired, can be covered for replacement cost (or in the case of hired equipment as may be demanded by a supplier) should it be lost or damaged in fortuitous circumstances. Such ‘property’ might include hospitality units, mobile offices or toilets, signage, generators, scoreboards, furniture, office equipment, radios and TV units, trophies and various other items.

This policy enables you to offer your staff some cover as individuals. A Group Personal Accident policy offers Capital and Weekly benefits for Accidental Death/Permanent Disability and Temporary Disability respectively. A Travel policy (which can be purchased in isolation) increases these benefits if such accident occurs whilst the individual is travelling on Company business, plus coincidental holidays, and also provides additional protection in respect of medical treatment, repatriation, loss of baggage, money and credit cards, wasted travel costs, kidnap or hijack, personal liability and the like.

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