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Who we cover

Security Consultants

Ensuring those that keep others safe are protected themselves, we offer insurance for all aspects of a Security Consultant’s business. Whether operating on land or sea, in Somalia or Surrey, we have the experience and expertise to provide the insurance programme your business needs.

Non-Governmental and Charitable Organisations

For NGOs and Charities, working to make a difference can sometimes mean staff are at risk. For the trustees, having the confidence to run a charity without threat to assets or livelihoods allows this valuable work to continue. With us as your partner, you can ensure both these risks are mitigated in the best and most cost effective way.

Development Consultants

With international development at the forefront of the global effort to alleviate poverty and prevent corruption in emerging economies, there are both legal and physical perils faced by organisations and the individuals contracting to them. We can advise on how best to indemnify against any legal action you could potentially face from employees or third parties, whilst ensuring you are meeting your duty of care obligations to employees and consultants.

Businesses Operating In Emerging Markets

We understand the complex nature of operating in emerging markets and the wide-ranging insurance solutions we offer reflect this. In addition to comprehensively insuring your business and assets, we ensure your people are covered too. Whether you are exploring opportunities in a new market or ensuring established operations have adequate coverage, we can help.

Anti-poaching Consultants

The nature of anti-poaching work requires the ability to operate some of the world’s most remote and dangerous areas. As the battle for some of the world’s most endangered species has become more militarised, we’re proud to provide support to those on the front line of the fight against illegal poaching and wildlife degradation.

Oil & Gas Contractors and Manpower Suppliers

Contractors working the oilfields of post conflict territories in the Middle East or emerging economies in Africa need to consider much more than their legal liability when sending personnel to these regions. In addition to Liability policies tailored to your contractual obligations, we offer enhanced policies that ensure you meet your duty of care to employees.

Conflict Journalists

Reporting from the world’s most volatile locations, and having to get there with little warning requires flexible cover and a broker that is responsive as you are. Our team are well versed in the risks associated with Conflict Journalism and provide coverage in the most demanding of circumstances.


We provide insurance to those working to rid post-conflict areas of the unexploded weaponry that can be so devastating to communities. In addition to comprehensively insuring your business and assets, we ensure your people are covered too. Through our policies, we can assist in the coordination of the complex medical operation required when an accident occurs during demining or UXO activities.

Protecting businesses and personnel

Solutions for High Risk Activity

Having provided bespoke coverage to those working in hostile environments since 2003, we are well versed in the additional risk to both business and personnel that comes with operating in Emerging Markets or High Risk Territories. Your insurance coverage should reflect this, ensuring that losses due to war, political unrest, criminality and intervention by hostile regimes are included.

Specialist Team

Working as part of Integro, an independent Lloyd’s of London broker, our specialist team are known for our ability to develop, place and service the most innovative programmes in the high risk and security sector, in the most demanding of circumstances.

Our Policies

We provide coverage solutions across many different areas of risk tailored to each individual client. No matter what your need, our team can search out the best and most comprehensive package so you don’t have to. With 24-hour assistance available, we make sure that in the event of any incident you’ll be back operating at top speed in no time anywhere in the world.

These are just some of the policy areas that we provide for:

Provides a lump sum benefit when an insured is left permanently disabled or passes away following an accident. Coverage can also be extended to include temporary total disablement, which ensures income is protect whilst an insured person is unable to work due to an injury.

Bought as an extension to a Personal Accident policy, our medical cover ensures insured persons are assisted in accessing the care they need, whatever the emergency. Should local facilities be insufficient or the insured require repatriation, our service partners will handle the logistics whilst the policy covers costs. As part of the coverage we work closely with emergency medical responders that have the contacts and assets required to provide a true 24/7 service.

Ensures that the cost of evacuating an organisation or an individual from a locale in which their safety is compromised following political unrest or natural disaster. This coverage usually takes the form of an extension to a Personal Accident or Kidnap and Ransom policy and includes the use of a nominated response consultant to ensure the safety and security of covered persons.

If contracted to work on U.S. government contracts overseas, it may be that you are contractually obligated to take out Defense Base Act Insurance. DBA is administered by the US Department of Labor and is an extension to the federal workers’ compensation program. We have been placing DBA coverage for US contractors since the 2003 and can provide advice on both pricing and coverage.

Protects your organisation against a variety of security risks including threats and extortions against people, property and propriety information. Our policies ensure that the correct resources and personnel are on hand to respond in the event of a crisis, as well as covering their associated costs. Coverage can be put in place for a specific trip or used in the form of an annual, blanket policy to augment an organisation’s capability to manage and respond in any scenario.

Combined Liability Insurance consists of a combination of Public Liability, Product Liability and Employers Liability cover, and is designed to cover the cost of legal action taken against you by a third party or your employees due to bodily injury or property damage. As every business is different and there are frequently contractual obligations that need taking into account when sourcing Liability coverage, it is important to work with a specialist that has access to Market leading insurers and wordings.

Covers the cost of defending legal action taken against your business if you are alleged to have provided inadequate advice, services or designs that cause financial loss to a client, as well as any damages and costs awarded by the courts.

Indemnifies the Directors and Officers, or an organisation itself, against losses as a result of legal action brought for alleged wrongful acts of an organisation’s Directors and Officers. Our coverage is intended to protect the assets of the covered individuals and organisations, as well as defence costs arising out of criminal and/or civil actions.

In a world where most businesses rely on IT infrastructure for day to day operation, Cyber insurance is vital to help protect your business against the threats and exposures not covered under standard insurance policies. Mitigating the direct losses your business could suffer from cybercrime or system interruption, as well as coverage against the legal and reputational damage a data breach or hack may cause makes Cyber coverage a must for any modern business.

Ensures your property is protected in the event of a loss due to terrorist activities.

Covering property as it moves from place to place, Marine Cargo ensures you are covered should you suffer loss during storage or transit. We can offer solutions for Air, Sea or Land including coverage for war and strikes in some of the world’s toughest environments.

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