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Get cover for your Esport event and eliminate the risk

The financial risks faced by live event organisers can be significant. From tournament organisers, to event promoters, exhibitions and more, we have over 40 years of experience.

We arrange event insurance cover for many of the leading promoters and event production companies involved in organising all aspects of live sports and entertainment. With over 40 years of experience handling these risks we consider ourselves one of the leading brokers for eSport insurance.

We appreciate that the profile for these events can vary dramatically, as can the activities that take place within them. The diversity in these activities is reflecting in the diversity of our products.

In each instance we will provide a quote tailored to your needs and, if appropriate, to reflect your contractual obligations.

Cover Types for Esport Events

We advise promoters and organisers to consider the following types of protection:

  • Combined liability insurance
  • Cancellation or abandonment insurance
  • Equipment insurance
  • Prize indemnity insurance

Whilst we can ensure you’re covered for almost all situations, if there’s a risk unique to you, please contact us and we will try to devise an individual policy to meet your needs.

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Esport Insurance

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